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Nora Noh x Cho Duck Hyun "Re-Collection: The Nora Collection" Art Exhibition

Famed artist, Cho Duck Hyun, has used Nora Noh as one of his muses for his "Re-collection" art exhibition, which was showcased in Seoul's Kukje Art Gallery and London's Saatchi Gallery.


An excerpt from Cho Duck Hyun about his Installation

Cho duck-hyun 're-collection' 

May 30 - July 5, 2008

In "re-collection," the artist presents a collection that is based on the experience and memory of two outstanding women, Nora Noh- Korea’s first fashion designer and Joeong Shun Lee- the English Dowager Viscountess Rothemere. 

Re-collection means remembrance/ retrospect and memory. 
In the lobby gallery, Nora Noh and the Dowager Viscountess Rothemere are reflected in the remembrance of their past. At the main gallery, episodes of Nora Noh’s life are exhibited in narratives and metaphors reinterpreted by the artist. In the second floor, the memories of the Dowager Viscountess Rothemere are presented in diverse mediums. She was born in Japan, studied in USA and France and became a royalty after being wed to Vere Harold Esmond Harmsworth, 3rd Viscount Rothermere (1925-1998) and has been devoted to charity since his death.

In this exhibition, we meet paintings that range in various sizes, photographs and video works as well as a mirror installation on the wall that reflects continuous repetition and the passage of life. He presented his solo show at Gorcums Museum, the Netherlands(2003), Jeu de Paume, France(2000), The Virginia Museum of Fine Art, USA(1998), Sogetsu Museum, Japan(1994) and many more. Along with his group exhibition at Asia House, England(2006), Andre Emmerich gallery, USA(1997), ICA in Philadelphia, USA(1995), he also participated in numerous Biennials such as the Johannesburg Biennial, Gwangju Biennial, Istanbul Biennial and Sao Paulo Biennial.



Nora Noh x Cho Duck Hyun art installation "Re-Collection" at the Saatchi Gallery in London - Nora Collection