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Here at Nora Noh, we are committed to slow fashion and sustainable design, which provide positive contributions to the economic and social development of the communities involved. 
We aim to create beautiful, timeless dresses which you can wear to your special event.  Founded, designed  and operated by women, we know what women actually want to wear.  We create dresses which make you look amazing and feel confident. 
Because we create and try our best to minimize waste, we manufacture limited amounts of our designs and our dresses are mostly made to order.  We design and manufacture with our (almost) zero-waste sustainable production module, so we have no excess inventory to throw away.  We even provide customization options so that your dress will be perfectly tailored to your body and you will be happier with the way it looks, too. 
We design dresses which are unique and truly one-of-a kind. Our products and our customers are always at the forefront of our minds, so the how and where we make it matter.  We aim to select material and garments that have lower environmental footprint and try to select the best fibers that will complement the design.  We are confidently able to answer and put a face to "who made our dress" at every step of the supply chain. 
We provide 100% fair treatment of workers and fair wages to all who work with us.  We not only have our own in-house factory but also work closely with several sewing factories in Seoul, Korea.  One of our core principles is to never compromise quality over cost, thus, when labor wages increase we follow suit. We are committed to providing full transparency on how our clothes are made. If you would like to learn more about our factories or production, please email us at
We are committed to practicing sustainable fashion and trying to do our part to help save our planet and make progress for the years to come. 
Join us on our journey to ethical, sustainable slow fashion with a mindful approach to living.


Sustainability ethical slow fashion at Nora Noh