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About Nora Noh

Nora Noh is not just another fashion label from South Korea, but a pioneer in the fashion industry. Founded as the "House of Nora Noh" in 1950, Nora Noh was the first brand ever to establish itself in the South Korean fashion market.  Since then, it has emerged as a landmark in fashion, capturing women's minds and elevating their sense of beauty and femininity. In 1979, Nora Noh took a big leap and became the first Korean fashion designer and business to have entered the U.S. market.   For a period of 15 years, Nora Noh consistently sold its collections to Sak's Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Bloomingdale's, Henri Bendel, Macy's, and Bullock's.

Nora Noh has now opened a new chapter in its history with its new Creative Director, Kumra Chung, and Director of Business Development, Jean Pak. Chung is infusing a breath of modernity and is continuing to build up Nora Noh's legacy and value.  Our collection strives to redefine contemporary femininity while capturing women's innate strength through timeless, chic designs.  Nora Noh is committed to zero-waste sustainable manufacturing and only partner with the best ethical factories in Korea.  

Through clothes, Nora Noh strives to change the way women think, change the way they carry themselves, and make their self-confidence shine.

For women, by women


Nora Noh with Kumra Chung and Jean Pak at the Atelier Showroom in Seoul